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Fan by Fine

Location: Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai, China
Category: Restaurant
Project Architect: Yanwen (Lily) Zhu
Team: Rachael Wang
Area: 63m2
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Tian Binming

Fine Cafe & canteen

FAN, a new store of the FINE franchise, is located among old villas on Wulumuqi Road in Shanghai. It is a zakka as well as a canteen, decorated with walnut wood reminiscent of the 1930s Shanghai. By ingenious design of the space, the tiny two-storey store accommodates enough shelves for products display as well as dining area and a kitchen. Small but exquisite; every detail in this store deserves your attention. The first thing one perceives upon entering the store is the set of tall shelves from the ground to the ceiling of the second floor, like the inside of Olli-vanders in Harry Potter films. The shelves of various sizes and shapes are designed, at the expense of the precious space at the entrance, to display more products for customers to appreciate while going up stairs or waiting for takeaways. At the same time,the two storeys are integrated into a new whole.

Staircase to second floor up
Second floor dinning area 
Fine Cafe & canteen
Fine Cafe & canteen

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